See “Project Assignment - Phase 5” for details regarding what is expected for the completed Replication and Reproducibility Project.

Based on feedback from your peer reviewer and instructor, submit a revised version of your replication and reproducibility project. This final version should be as polished as possible (e.g., free of grammatical, spelling, and coding errors). The computational goal is for your work to be completely reproducible (e.g., “one-click reproducibility”) while the substantive goal should be to write a well-organized, thorough, and thoughtful “article” or detailed “blog entry” replicating or reproducing an existing study.

Submit Assignment

Upon completing the assignment:

  1. “knit” your final RMD file to html format and save it using an informative file name (e.g., “LastName_CRM495_RR-Project-Phase7_YEAR_MO_DY”) within a file structure you create for this assignment (e.g., “LastName_CRM495_RR-Phase7”).

    • Note: See “R Assignment #4” for details on creating a reproducible file structure.
  2. Submit your knitted html file on Canvas.

  3. Place a copy of your root folder in your LastName_495_commit folder on OneDrive.

    • Note: The root folder should contain your reproducible file structure for this assignment. This means it should include your image files and anything else necessary to reproduce your knitted html document with “one click.”

Evaluation Criteria

Some things I will look for when evaluating your final projects*:

  • Description/Justification: Does the author describe and justify the reproduction/replication project aims clearly and effectively? Is the original study included in one of the project folders? Can I find the table or figure in the original study that the author is attempting to reproduce? Is the original study and that specific table/figure described clearly and accurately? Do they link to and cite the published study in the RMarkdown file?

  • Description of procedures and results throughout the document: Do you write about what you are doing throughout the markdown file? In other words, are you describing what you are doing and what you are finding in the data (e.g., are your descriptives the same as the original article, are they different? Is there anything unclear in the original article that makes it difficult to decipher exactly how they coded a variable?)? See R Assignments #5, #6, and #7 Wallkthrough/Instructions for some examples of this.

  • Project File Structure: Does the root folder for the assignment contain a reproducible file structure? Are there separate and clearly marked folders following best practices (e.g., Data; Articles; Images)? Can I open the RMarkdown file and run it with one click?

  • R Code Reproducibility: After installing any necessary packages, can I successfully run all R Code chunks, or does running the code generate errors? If errors are generated, is it immediately obvious what those errors are, and can I fix them with minimal effort to continue the review of R Code chunks?