Moderator Madness, Part 2

Is your mechanism both mediating and moderating? Disentangle indirect and interaction effects with potential outcomes decomposition.

Jon Brauer


July 19, 2023

Two lemmings confused by exposure-mediator interactions (with help from DALL-E)

You have reached the future page for the second of a two-part blog series on issues related to modeling moderating relationships or testing interaction effects with criminological data.

In Part 1, I covered issues related to estimating and interpreting interaction effects with binary or skewed count outcome variables. In Part 2, I plan to introduce the need and a method for disentangling indirect and interaction effects in the presence of a potential exposure-mediator interaction.

Are you looking for Part 2? I hope you are not holding your breath while you wait.

This page is a stub. I hope to complete Part 2 soon so all one of you can read it. Hi Mom!

It’s not really loading. I’m still working on it.



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